Local Organizing Committee

Committee Chart
Committee Hierarchy

Prof. Cheng-Chieh Lin
President, Taiwan Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Vice-president / Professor, College of Medicine, China Medical University and Hospital, Taiwan


Prof. Shinn-Jang Hwang
Vice-Superintendent, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Professor, National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Pau-Ching Lu
Professor, Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Prof. Yeh-Liang Hsu
President, Chinese Society of Gerontechnology and Service Management
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Prof. Hung-I Yeh
Vice-Superintendent, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
Chairman, Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Prof. Tsu-Chi Wang
President, Taiwan Long-Term Care Professional Association

Chair of Scientific Committee

Prof. Liang-Kung Chen
Director, Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Taipei V
eterans General Hospital

Chair of Clinical Science

Prof. Ding-Cheng (Derrick) Chan
Superintendent, National Taiwan University Hospital Chu-Tung Branch, Taiwan

Chair of Biological Science

Prof. Chih-Cheng Hsu
Deputy Director, Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

Chair of Behavioual and Social Science

Prof. Tsuann Kuo
Professor, Taiwan Chung Shan Medical University, Department of Medical Sociology and Social WorkĦATaichung CityĦATaiwan

Chair of Policy ,planning and Practice Science

Prof. Tsu-Chi Wang
President, Taiwan Long-Term Care Professional Association

Chair of Gerontechnology Science

Prof. Yeh-Liang Hsu
Professor, Department of MechaniChair of Gerontechnology Sciencecal Engineering, Yuan Ze University

Executive Officer

Prof. Wen-Yuan Lin
Department of Family Medicine, China Medical University Hospital
Director, Department of Social Medicine, China Medical University

Finanace Committee

Prof. Kuo-Chin Huang
Superintendent, National Taiwan University Hospital Bei-Hu Branch

Social Events Committee

Prof. Wan-Hui Chen
Professor, Department of Transportation Management, Tamkang University

Public Relation Committee

Prof. Wen-Han Chang
Hospital Spokesperson and Medical Commissioner, Department of Emergency Medicine, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan


Dr. Chia-Ming Li
Department of Family Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital Bei-Hu Branch